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Ten examples of cashpoint projects

Hey there!

We thought we’d give you a few examples of some amazing cashpoint ideas to get your imagination flowing and give you an idea of the sort of project we are happy to fund.


1.    Project idea: run child literacy workshops

Make reading easier and more fun for children by holding weekend reading sessions. Develop fun activities like acting out scenes, re-imagining endings and getting children to write their own stories to spark their interest. You could identify children who might benefit through local schools by liaising with teachers.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Notebooks, coloured pens, pencils, session refreshments, CRB checks and volunteers’ expenses.

2.    Project idea: LGBT support group

Many young people in the LGBT community are uncomfortable with coming out, or find it difficult to talk to people about the challenges that they face. You could create a network of LGBT teens who could make new friends, discuss the issues they face and provide support to each other.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Publicity materials, website design and domains to get the network online.

3.    Project idea: run coffee mornings for elderly and isolated people

Rent out the local community centre once a week and hold a coffee morning with games like dominoes and bingo and home baking. Your young volunteers and the elderly would get a chance to interact and get to know the other generation a bit better, and they could swap skills, games and memories.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Minibus hire, ingredients for cake baking, refreshments costs, dominoes and bingo set, and venue hire costs.

4.    Project idea: language lessons for adults who speak English as a second language

If you live in an area where some people may struggle with English, you could run group sessions where they could get a chance to practice conversational English. You could use different techniques such as reading aloud, translating from their own language, role play and storytelling to help conversations to flow.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Poster design and printing costs, venue hire for the sessions, notebooks, stationary for flashcards and second hand books.

5.    Project idea: turn some unused public land into a community garden

You could get local people involved, advertise for volunteers at community centres and youth clubs, and ask your local councillor to come to an opening ceremony.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Basic gardening equipment, seeds and plants, publicity materials, refreshments for the ceremony, travel costs to remove waste and volunteer expenses.

6.    Project idea: redecorate the local playground

This could encourage greater respect for local spaces and make it more enjoyable for the children to play in – what’s more, your volunteers and participants could include local children and young people.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Cleaning materials, decorating equipment (paint brushes, palettes, paint, spray paint etc.), refreshments for your participants, venue hire for a planning day and volunteers’ expenses.

7.    Project idea: run Olympics-inspired track and field try outs

Inspired by the Olympics? Get people in your local area to try out some of the sports they may not have thought of before. You could hold some practice sessions and a mini tournament. Talk to your local sports center and see if any of their staff would like to help you out, or whether they could loan you the venue or some equipment for free.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Publicity materials, equipment hire, medals, venue bookings and energy drinks.

8.    Project idea: Samba Football

Why not try a new spin on an old theme as a way of energising local kids and engaging those who often miss out? Try running football sessions set to samba music, which can help you to focus on technique, skills and rhythm!

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Venue hire for 8 sessions, footballs, cones and bibs, and a Samba CD

9.    Project idea: run free sculpture and craft classes

If you're good at art and feel you could share your skills, why not run workshops for the people in your community and then hold an exhibition of everyone's work? The pieces could then be donated to local charities.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Your budget could include basic craft materials, flyers, table and chair hire for the exhibition, refreshments and CRB costs if you're working with children.

10.  Project idea: Drama School

Why not run a dance or drama school during half-term to give children in the local area something fun to do during their holiday? You could put on a play, or practice an array of disciplines such as singing, dancing and acting, holding a big show for the parents at the end of the week.

What could a vInspired cashpoint grant fund?

Venue hire, second hand clothes for costumes, CDs and manuscript photocopying costs, and volunteer expenses.