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Signing up

You’re looking for keen volunteers, and we’re here to connect you with them!

Signing up is free and simple. Navigate to the organisations area in the footer of or click this link to sign up directly.

You’ll be prompted to create your login, provide your organisation name and type, and to review and agree to the SLA and terms & conditions of our brokerage service.

Once you’ve completed this initial step, you can begin creating your organisation profile. In order for us to review and approve your registration you’ll need to:

  • provide a description of your organisation (this will be visible to the public)
  • upload a company logo
  • provide a charity or company number (as relevant)
  • provide a website address and contact (email and phone)
  • provide a valid UK address (a Google map will be generated)

The following are optional details, but handy for helping volunteers find out more about your organisation!

  • Facebook link (in full ie.
  • Twitter handle (without the @ sign, ie. vinspired)

Once complete, please allow 5 working days for our team to review and approve your registration.

You can crack on with creating your volunteer roles before your application is approved. You just won’t be able to publish anything to our live marketplace until your application is approved.