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Managing volunteer applications

Great news! A volunteer has just applied for your role. So, what happens next?

When a volunteer hits apply, they’re essentially expressing their interest in the role you have on offer. The ball is now in your court to follow them up (you will have received contact details for each candidate via email) with ie. a telephone interview, a formal application form or whichever recruitment process your organisation has in place to screen volunteers.

Once you’ve decided which volunteers to take on, please head back over to your dashboard to accept or reject the applications for your role. All volunteers will receive an automated message updating them on the outcome of their application. Performing this step also helps vInspired monitor how many applications actually result in a volunteer being placed.

Watch the screencast for an overview of accepting / rejecting applications. Step-by-step instructions appear beneath the video.


To accept or reject an application

Click 'people' on the navigation

Click 'volunteer applications'

Here you will see a list of all pending applications

Review applicants by clicking their name

Review the role they are applying for by clicking the role name

Approve or reject by clicking 'accept' or 'reject'

If you reject a user you will be asked to give a reason

To change your mind, return to the applications list page (steps 1-3) select the 'all' tab

Find the relevant application and use the 'accept' or 'reject' button to reverse your decision