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How to break into Digital Media

Well, first things first! Wherever it is you want to go in life, volunteering will help you get there!

A massive 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. An even more intense finding was that 94% of volunteers got their first job or a promotion thanks to the experience.

Volunteering shows transferable skills that you'll need to get a job or impress at your university interview. By donating your time to others, you’ll become a skilled professional that every employer would want on their team. So start your volunteer journey now.

Here are a few more tips to help you break into a career in digital media: 

1)    Create your personal media presence

That means creating a Facebook, Twitter Blog and LinkedIn account that is up-to-date and professional. These tools are basically your online CV in the digital media world!

Check out the vInspired vlog on YouTube for some inspiration.

2)    Enjoy it

Believe it or not there’s more to digital media than scrolling through Twitter all day and memes. There is a great deal of analytics and meetings involved, in a business where answers and solutions aren’t always obvious, you need to be innately curious (about everything) and obsessed with the 'why' behind everything. This does allow a great deal of creativity mind you, there rarely is a rule book behind a successful media strategy, just guidelines!

3)    Be social in person, not just online

Make sure you are putting the “social” in social media by spending time with people in the real world, you can actually learn a lot this way. You should attend conferences and events targeted at people in your field, these not only provide a great networking opportunity, but most offer in-depth workshops that can enhance your skill set.

It can seem hard to find events where likeminded career driven people gather, but there is hope out there! Use sites like Meetup or Eventbrite for opportunities to network with people that are actually involved in the career you are interested in. Check out our networking tips for some more in-depth help here.

4)    Keep up-to-date

How are you going to engage with your audience, if you do not know what they care about? The digital marketing world is ever-changing so you have to keep on top of it to keep up. Check what is trending on Twitter, what big news stories are hot and everything in between, it really shows in interviews.

It is also important to keep up with the best programs used by digital marketers as bringing these up in interviews will really impress potential employers.

Here’s some recommendations on websites to get started:

SEO – MozDistilledSEOGadgetSearch Engine Land

PPC – PPC HeroSearch Engine Land

Social Media – Social Media ExaminerSocial Media Today

Content – Hubspot

5)    Get Technical

You might not be coding programs or building full websites, but you will need to work with developers and designers or other web specialists to talk about your fantastic, ground-breaking marketing desires. So a basic knowledge of how the internet works, HTML and maybe a bit of CMS will go a long way.   

I hope this article is a helpful guide on your road to your career. Feel free to ask questions, just send all enquiries to:


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