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Help and support messaging service - vInspired Support (Intercom)

The Digital Team have set up a service called 'Intercom' with two goals in mind:
  1. Providing access to support when users are on vInspired e.g. Problems with the website or logging hours
  2. Gaining feedback and ideas from our users – a direct line to the Digital Team to voice your thoughts
The service works by providing a ‘Chat’ facility on the web page which:
  1. Allows users to click and type a message/ask for help to our Digital Support team, who at present would primarily be:
    • Cheresa Dawkins – Customer Support/Digital Intern
    • Tom Evans – Product Manager, Awards and Opportunities
    • Tori Ellaway – Digital Delivery Manager
  2. Pop up automated messages to ask for feedback (mostly from Tom).  These currently fall in 3 categories:
    • General feedback requests
    • Searching for opportunities success question  - thumbs up, thumbs down
    • Applied for an opportunities – prompts to make sure next steps are clear
It should be completely clear in the message area that we are from vInspired Support.  Hopefully it will provide a fantastic opportunity to gain support in real-time whilst you are working with your students using our service.