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Editing existing opportunities

So you need to update an opportunity you recently published, or perhaps you want to refresh an old opportunity from last year.

Watch the screencast for an overview. Step-by-step instructions appear beneath the video:

To edit the ‘parent’ opportunity the young person is volunteering at (eg Oxfam charity shop - Sheffield, or Blue Ribbon Walk - London), the age limits for the opportunity, the search categories, or the image, follow these steps:

Go to your dashboard 

Click 'opportunities' in the navigation

Click 'all opportunities'

Find the opportunity you wish to edit, either by searching or using the page view

Click 'view/edit'

Select edit opportunity

Make updates as required

Click save

To edit the specific role the volunteer will play, the dates you need them, the address the role takes place, or how many volunteers you need for each role:

Scroll to the bottom of the relevant opportunity view page

Find the role you wish to edit and click 'edit'

Make the necessary adjustments

Click save