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Creating opportunities

Creating an opportunity comes in two parts:

The umbrella opportunity details capture the area the volunteer is needed for - this could be a shop, an event, or an organisation, but not a role (we’ll come to that shortly). For example, 'Oxfam charity shop - Sheffield' would count as an opportunity.

Now, we’ll move onto the roles. You can create multiple roles allowing you to recruit  volunteers who’ll have different responsibilities, be based in different locations, or work on different days – but all belonging to the same ‘parent’ opportunity. 

In the above example the charity shop may require a 'visual merchandiser', a 'shop assistant', and 'a stock manager'.

Log in, click ‘create a new opportunity’ on your dashboard and follow the opportunity builder template to guide you through the process. Step-by-step instructions can be found beneath the video.

Creating an opportunity

Click 'Get started'

Fill in the opportunity details, keeping in mind all opportunities comprise a ‘parent’ opportunity and one or multiple ‘child’ roles.

Click 'NEXT STEP - Finding your opportunity'

Select any relevant categories

Select any relevant interests

Select and upload an image - the ideal image size is 370px wide by 180px. 

Click 'NEXT STEP - Preview'

Review the details in the preview window. If you're happy click continue, otherwise select back to make any changes.

Creating roles

Click 'Save and add roles' at the bottom of the opportunity screen to start creating a role.

When you get to entering the address, ensure this is the address volunteers will be expected to attend, not your head office. Provide complete addresses as this improves the search accuracy and will ensure your opportunity is shown to the correct people.

If you have only one role to fill click 'save and continue' once you've entered all the relevant details.

If you have multiple roles select 'save and add another role' to start adding an additional role.

Once you have added all your roles click 'save and continue'

Select 'save as draft' or 'publish now' as appropriate

Please note: If you have only recently registered your organisation with our service we will need to approve your registration before your opportunities are public. This usually takes 5 working days.